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Tecnology Binary code for new business models

COMA project, funded by The Basque Government's program HAZITEK, aims to develop a new supply of industrial services

Invest in the basque country Invest in the Basque Country: “We have the supply chain for any business, industry or services”

Marian Ibarrondo of Invest in the Basque Country, the Basque initiative for foreign investment attraction, says that an investor can find a comprehensive supply chain for industry and services in ..

Euskadinnova Ibermática reaches management software distribution agreement for Central Europe

German company DPS will distribute applications developed by the Basque company

Entrepreneurship New international programme to attract the best Industry 4.0 startups to the Basque Country

The Basque Government and major corporations have got together behind BIND 4.0, a public-private initiative

Euskadinnova DHL starts expanding its facilities at Vitoria airport

The courier service has begun work to expand its facilities at Foronda Airport, where it will invest 23 million euros

Euskadinnova Number of businesses at Basque Technology Parks rises, with increased turnover and job creation in 2015

A significant increase can be observed in the number of employees under the age of 30 and university graduates. The combined turnover of the companies in 2015 rose 11.5 % with respect to the ..

Euskadinnova Ask Chemicals announces that it will centralise production in the Port of Bilbao

German chemical multinational ASK Chemicals has announced that it will invest 10 million euros in centralising production