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The group has announced the acquisition of a melting furnace capable of processing different types of scrap In order to boost its competitiveness, the Aludium metal company has announced that it will install a multi chamber melting furnace at its smelting plant in Amorebieta. The investment, involving 20 million euros, will allow the firm to create a more flexible production unit. The new furnace system is capable of melting various types of scrap, including painted and lacquered, and this, together with the other equipment in the...Leer más

 COMA project, funded by The Basque Government's program HAZITEK, aims to develop a new supply of industrial services The incorporation of digital technology in the industry extends the possibility of receiving and processing information derived from machine and manufacturing systems. This new paradigm offers the possibility of acquiring a greater knowledge about the operation of equipment and processes and creating new business models that promote business competitiveness.   In this context, the COMA project is being developed,...Leer más

Invest in the basque country 19 February, 2018
Invest in the Basque Country: “We have the supply chain for any business, industry or services”

  Marian Ibarrondo, of Invest in the Basque Country, the Basque initiative for foreign investment attraction, says that an investor...Leer más

Tecnology 9 January, 2018
IK4-IDEKO is participating in a European project to take the industrial revolution to industry

The European initiative, Productive 4.0, involves 114 business, research and technology entities from 19...Leer más

Tecnology 5 December, 2017
CEBIT enters into alliance with Librecon Bilbao

ESLE and Deutsche Messe, the organizers of Librecon and CEBIT, have reached an agreement to stage "Librecon Powered by CEBIT" - the open...Leer más

Bio Health 18 June, 2017
14 Basque entities are taking part in the US in the most important world biotechnology convention

  The Invest in Basque Country section is going to take advantage of the visit to the event to present the Basque Country’s...Leer más

Entrepreneurship 1 March, 2017
Radiografía de las mujeres emprendedoras sociales

El estudio Mujeres con Impacto analiza sus motivaciones y obstáculos.   Tanto a nivel estatal como europeo, son más las...Leer más

Euskadinnova 28 December, 2016
Ibermática reaches management software distribution agreement for Central Europe

Members of Ibermatica and DPS have signed an agreement German company DPS will distribute applications developed by the Basque...Leer más

Euskadinnova 26 December, 2016
Basque technology to transform industrial manufacturing in Europe

The projects are funded by the European Union through the research and innovation support programme Horizon 2020. IK4-IDEKO is...Leer más

Basque Industry 20 December, 2016
Decidata sees the Bind 4.0 programme as an opportunity

Gonzalo Artiach and Iñaki Pertusa, Decidata partners. The Basque startup is working with Euskaltel in the field of data...Leer más

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