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News 10 January, 2018 Basque Industry 4.0 Industria inteligente

It happened in Basque Industry 4.0. The Meeting Point 2017

Vídeos, presentaciones y fotografías ...

Basque Industry 4.0. The Meeting point 2017, is an event focused on the ICTs tools as a support to optimize industrial processes. Smart tools to support the design, development, production, logistics and integrated management of manufacturing. The event has been consolidated and this latest edition has brought together more than 1,700 people, around the Industry 4.0, combining formats such as first level presentations, case presentations, workshops, interviews, round tables, exhibition and demonstration area.

Click on the title of this conference agenda, round tables and case presentations to watch the videos and presentations

Institutional welcome
Iñigo Urkullu. President of the Basque Government

Basque Industry 4.0 Strategy
Arantxa Tapia. Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure of the Basque Government.

“How digitised manufacturing changes the way we work, consume and live”
Krystyn Van Vliet (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – MIT)

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Dial 4.0: Panel discussion: Professional profiles and Cybersecurity - Basque Industry 4.0 Meeting Point

Jorge Arévalo: Viceconsejero FP Gobierno Vasco
Javier Diéguez: Director Basque Cibersecurity Centre
Alvaro Fraile: CEO ITS Security
Pablo García: Director de la cátedra Deusto de industria digital - U.Deusto
Beatriz Ruiz: Directora corporativa RRHH - S21Sec

Moderator: Enrique Rodal

Industry  4.0 Applications. Parallel sessions

Machine Tool Paralel
Moderator AFM: Patricia Tames

Success stories: Soraluce, Ona Electroerosión, Ingeteam, Ekin

Soraluce / Danobat Grupo


Ona Electroerosión


Automotion paralel
Moderator Cluster Automation: Mikel Lorente
Success stories : Microdeco, Lazpiur

Large automotion companies of Basque Country spoke about Industry 4.0

Basque Digital Innovation HUB
Manuel Salaverría. Executive Director of the Basque Industry 4.0 Pilot Group

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BIND 4.0. Success stories:





Photographs. It happened in Basque Industry 4.0. The Meeting Point 2017

Basque Industry 4.0 Meeting Point-2017


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