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News 5 July, 2017 Digitalisation Entrepreneurship Basque Industry 4.0 Industria inteligente

Google and Amazon join BIND 4.0, The Basque public-private startup acceleration program in the industrial sector

Last year’s success has encouraged these two giants to participate as technology partners in BIND 4.0, along with Microsoft and Siemens, who took part in 2016

The international launch of this year’s BIND 4.0 begins today, 5th July, after the meeting held by the Basque Government Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructure, Arantxa Tapia, with the 27 leading industries based in the Basque Country which are collaborating in this innovative program


Starting today and running until 15th September, startups from all over the world will be able to join this innovative Basque program, which guarantees access for these emerging companies to industrial clients of the highest level


The second edition of the BIND 4.0 program, the Basque public-private startup accelerator for Industry 4.0, has kicked off today with the aim of attracting talent and innovation from emerging companies around the world and putting them to work for Basque industry. The international launch took place today at the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park after the meeting held there by the Basque Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructure, Arantxa Tapia, for the 27 leading companies in the industrial sector involved in BIND 4.0. In total, 12 additional important companies have decided to collaborate in this edition of BIND, spurred on by the success of the first edition of the Basque public-private startup accelerator.


AERNNOVA, Alegria Activity, Arcelor Mittal, BATZ, Bridgestone, Cikautxo, Elay, the Elecnor Group, Gestamp, RPK, SENER and Sidenor are the new major corporations that have aligned themselves behind BIND 4.0, bringing the total to 27 companies after joining ABB, CAF, CIE Automotive, DanobatGroup, Euskaltel, Fagor Ederlan, the Maier Group, the Alcor Group, the ULMA Group, Iberdrola, ITP, Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, Michelin, NEM Solutions and Repsol-Petronor, all part of the first edition of this advanced industrial entrepreneurship initiative.


However, this is not the only achievement BIND 4.0 has made. In 2016, in its first year, this advanced entrepreneurship program achieved such good results that it managed to attract the attention of Google and Amazon, two giants of the 4.0 sector, who will participate as technological partners in this second year, along with two other tech giants who already participated in BIND 4.0 last year; Microsoft and Siemens. As technological partners, these four large companies will reinforce the mentor teams and enrich the training program for BIND 4.0, as well as offering subsidised products and services and providing technological support to the selected startups.


Representing the Basque Government, the meeting was also attended by Estíbaliz Hernáez, Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness, Álex Arriola, General Director of the SPRI Group and Aitor Urzelai, Director for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Information Society of the Basque Government.


New services
New aspects of the program were announced at the meeting with the 27 large companies that are participating in BIND 4.0. In this new edition, support services for participating companies will be strengthened by offering them free access to a BIC work space, mentoring by world-class professionals, a complete training program to develop the skills and abilities necessary to succeed in the industrial sphere, access to financial aid and networking activities with the participating companies and public agents, all aimed at facilitating the immersion of the startups in the Basque industrial ecosystem.


In addition, the selected new companies will benefit from several new support services: specialised technical advice on the matching process to help define and negotiate the specific project to be developed for the industrial companies; attendance at the Basque Industry 4.0 event, where startups will be able to present their technological projects and get in touch with potential clients in the industrial sector; financial help with accommodation for startups from outside the Basque Country.


Another new initiative is the Alumni project for creating an Industry 4.0 startup hub; a contact channel between the newly created companies selected in BIND 4.0 which will give access to exclusive events and subsidies in technology services, as well as permanent contact with the Basque industrial network.
Contacts with Embassies


In this new edition, BIND 4.0 will deploy a more powerful recruitment strategy to attract the talent and innovation of the best industrial startups in the world. Efforts will therefore focus on the strategic markets and the priority technological areas of the 27 leading industrial companies that are collaborating with the Basque Government in this startup accelerator for Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution.


The Basque Country looks to the world to attract the best talent and to advance as a country. These objectives were part of the meeting held yesterday, 4th July, between representatives of the Basque Government and a large group of diplomats, who met in the Basque Government delegation in Madrid to present the BIND 4.0 program.


Estíbaliz Hernáez, Deputy Minister for Technology, Innovation and Competitiveness, Aitor Urzelai, Director for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Information Society, and Leyre Madariaga, Director for External Relations of the Basque Government yesterday presented the Basque public-private industrial startup accelerator to the ambassadors of Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, France, Holland, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom and Sweden. During July, a meeting with the same objective will be held with diplomats from the US and Israeli embassies.


Strategic move

BIND 4.0 is a strategic move to place the Basque Country on the world map of advanced entrepreneurship. The Basque Business Agency (SPRI) is coordinating this program with the collaboration of the BICs -Business and Innovation Centres- of the Regional Governments. BIND 4.0 sets itself apart from other startup accelerators because of its public-private backing and is also the first accelerator in the world that guarantees access for startups to industrial clients of the highest level.


In addition to the usual training, tutoring and financing services, BIND 4.0 gives the selected startups the chance of developing their projects to meet the demands of the collaborating companies. This establishes a customer-supplier relationship, which gives these emerging companies real income from a large customer, in addition to world-class references and access to new markets and distribution channels.


Last year, a total of 257 companies from 41 countries in Europe, Africa, America and Asia presented themselves for the first edition of BIND 4.0, from which 11 startups were finally selected to develop innovative ad hoc solutions for large industrial companies based in the Basque Country. In total, there were 16 technology projects, with an average turnover of 50,000 euros.


Schedule for the 2nd edition

The international launch of the second edition of BIND 4.0 to find the best startups will start on 5th July and will last until 15th September. Startups can register through the program website, BIND 4.0 seeks startups from all five continents with products and services based on new technologies which can be applied to the industrial field. They are also required to have a service or product that is already on the market or in the final phase of configuration.


Following the closure of application for startups on 15th September, the next important date in the calendar for the second edition of BIND 4.0 will be 5th January, 2018, when the emerging companies will be selected. On 26th January, there will be a welcome day with the presentation of the participant startups. The acceleration program will start on that day and end in July. Finally, 20th July next year will be Demo Day, the presentation day for the results of the second edition of BIND 4.0, just as the startups of the first edition of this advanced entrepreneurship program did on 5th May this year at the Álava Technology Park.

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