Donostia International Physics Center to receive European Physical Society award

26 September, 2016
Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC)

The European Physical Society (EPS) will present the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) with an award to acknowledge its outstanding contribution in the field of condensed matter physics and materials science, as well as its myriad successful activities for the dissemination and communication of science. Founded in 2000, the DIPC is a basic research centre in materials physics, which in a few years has become a benchmark for Basque science. It is a unique centre due to its institutional structure and operating model, which not only seeks excellence in research but also assumes responsibility for transferring scientific knowledge to society. It will be precisely on the closing day of the Passion for Knowledge (P4K) science festival, organised for the third time by the DIPC, when EPS President Christophe Rossel will present an official plaque to the DIPC in recognition of its achievements.


Created in 1968, the EPS is one of the most important scientific associations in Europe. Its members include 42 European national physical societies, individuals from all fields of physics and European research institutions, grouping together more than 130,000 people. As a scientific society, the EPS promotes the advancement of physics, defends the interests of the European physics community and fosters international collaboration. It defends, before political authorities and citizens, the important contribution made by research in physics, as an element that contributes significantly to the economic, technological, social and cultural progress of Europe. It is worth mentioning, for example, that EPS participates in European institution discussion and decision forums on scientific policy.


As DIPC President Pedro Miguel Echenique stated, “This recognition from such a prestigious institution as the EPS is a real honour for us and encourages us to continue working to make the DIPC a world leader in science research and communication”. He also added that not only the award is important, but also the fact that on the occasion of the holding of the Passion for Knowledge 2016 festival, the EPS has decided to hold the annual meeting of its Executive Committee on 30 September and 1 October at the San Sebastián headquarters of the DIPC. The President of the EPS wanted to highlight that “we fully share the aim of the Festival, which is to promote science as a key cultural activity that also contributes to social and economic progress”. To fulfil that goal, Passion for Knowledge 2016 presents an extensive programme of activities aimed at all citizens, starting on 27 September.

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