Mercedes-Benz Vitoria shares its opportunities and challenges with Bind 4.0 startups and industrial companies

11 April, 2017

Factory of Mercedes in Vitoria.

The initiative comes from the company’s collaboration in the Bind 4.0 programme.

Mercedes-Benz Vitoria has awarded two projects to two startups in the Bind 4.0 programme, the international initiative promoted by the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures to attract the best companies to Industry 4.0.


The Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures and its business development agency, the SPRI Group, have today, Tuesday 11 April, held a networking session at the Vitoria headquarters of Mercedes-Benz within the framework of the Bind 4.0 programme, the first international initiative to attract the best startups in Industry 4.0. The day included a visit to the final assembly production lines at the plant and various discussions on the opportunities and challenges of digitization of its production processes.


Bind 4.0, a public-private initiative created by the Basque Government, part of the Basque technology entrepreneurship plan, is currently in its first edition. In short, it is an accelerator that offers startups (newly created companies with innovative proposals in the field of Industry 4.0) the possibility of working on a common project and establishing a customer-supplier relationship with some of the most important companies operating in the Autonomous Community. Collaborating in the programme are Microsoft, ABB, CAF, CIE Automotive, DanobatGroup, Euskaltel, Iberdrola, ITP, Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, Michelin, Repsol-Petronor, Siemens, Fagor Ederlan, Grupo Alcor, Grupo Ulma, Maier and NEM Solutions.


At the networking session with Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, the challenge of digitization and strategic vision in fields such as new urban mobility, advanced process analytics and agile production systems was addressed. Participants had the opportunity of holding a direct conversation with the General Manager of the company in Vitoria, Emilio Titos, and with the chief engineer of the plant, Juan Mocoroa, as well as with those responsible for the most outstanding 4.0 projects currently taking place at Mercedes-Benz Vitoria.


In the first edition of the Bind 4.0 programme, the Vitoria company has signed contracts for two projects with the startups Addimen and Bigda Solutions. The first of these is a base metal additive manufacturing application for prototyping and development of a virtual warehouse. The second researches advanced data analytics in improving energy consumption forecasting.


In the first edition of Bind 4.0, which opened on 6 July last, a total of 257 projects were presented by startups from 41 countries. After an initial selection, 52 companies remained: 23 Basque, 23 foreign and 6 from the rest of the State. The large companies finally chose 11 startups: 7 Basque, 2 foreign and 2 from the rest of the State, which are currently working on 16 projects. In view of the success of the first edition, a second edition is scheduled, starting in July this year.


The BIND 4.0 programme has helped to consolidate the Basque Industry 4.0 strategy of the Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Infrastructures. It was created with the aim of strengthening the Basque entrepreneurial ecosystem, positioning the Basque Country on the map for advanced industrial entrepreneurship, contributing to the improved competitiveness and efficiency of Basque industry and generating wealth and employment.

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