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27 July, 2020
Launch of the 4.0 Industry Deep Dive Sessions

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH), together with the SPRI Group, presents to the Basque manufacturing industry its 4.0 Industry Deep Dive Sessions, an immersion day in digital and sustainable production technologies, to the basque manufacturing industry.

The BDIH is a connected network of assets and services, supporting businesses towards a sustainable digital transformation, that is organised into 6 technological nodes – flexible and collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, advanced materials, intelligent and connected machines and data driven solutions – created within the framework of the Basque 4.0 Industry strategy. It is composed of 21 RVCTI agents, and has more than 100 assets (equipment, laboratories, pilot plants) at the disposal of Basque SMEs for training, research, testing and validation of digital and sustainable technologies.

The Deep Dives are sessions of immersion in the technologies of the nodes and the capacities of their assets at a very technical level, those being led by senior staff of the members of each node. These sessions are mainly characterized by being practical, proactive and interactive, all following a common structure and allowing attendees to see for themselves how different 4.0 technologies can contribute to improving processes and products in their companies. They will also have the opportunity to see experts working directly with the assets, share their needs with the senior staff of the nodes and witness real cases of use of other companies that have improved their manufacturing processes and products by having incorporated technological solutions allowed by these assets.

After these atypical months and hoping that the pandemic has had the minimum possible impact on everyone, the different Deep Dive Sessions have already been scheduled. On September 3rd, 2020, a webinar will be held from 10:00 to 11:30, in which SPRI staff and the coordinators of the 5 nodes of the BDIH will present the content of the Deep Dives. These will be held between September and October 2020 in different locations around the Basque Country.

Each Deep Dive is divided into different thematic days, in which the main technological applications and solutions to the main challenges that manufacturing industries have when incorporating these digital and sustainable technologies will be addressed. Thus, each session will deal with a specific topic, in order to show the main assets that the BDIH makes available to Basque SMEs to deal with that topic, and that the sessions are as customized and adaptable as possible to the particular needs of the attendees. This fact will also allow the same person to attend as many Deep Dive days as he or she wants, in order to know how the different and varied 4.0 technologies can contribute to the improvement of the processes and products of his or her company, thus ending up with a deep knowledge of the proposed technologies and solutions.

If you are interested in all the opportunities that these technologies can bring to your company, do not hesitate to attend the Deep Dive Sessions organized by the BDIH to know them firsthand.

In the webinar of September 3rd, you will be able to get the necessary information about the practical value of these days. If you are interested in participating in the webinar, register here

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