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In the photo, we present César Pérez, Technology Director of Lortek. This month dedicated to presenting the technological and human capacities of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub's Additive Manufacturing node to the Basque industrial companies, closes with The Opinion of the Coordinator of the BDIH's Additive Manufacturing Node, César Pérez. Cesar began his educational career at the National University of Colombia, graduating in Industrial Engineering, and later obtained a PhD in Science, in the area of Materials, at the University...Leer más

The Basque Digital Innovation Hub (BDIH), together with the SPRI Group, presents to the Basque manufacturing industry its 4.0 Industry Deep Dive Sessions, an immersion day in digital and sustainable production technologies, to the basque manufacturing industry. The BDIH is a connected network of assets and services, supporting businesses towards a sustainable digital transformation, that is organised into 6 technological nodes - flexible and collaborative robotics, additive manufacturing, cybersecurity, advanced materials, intelligent and...Leer más

BDIH 24 July, 2020
ADDIMAT, an ideal partner for the BDIH

In the articles published to date, the SPRI Group, together with the BDIH, has presented the different nodes that make up the group,...Leer más

BDIH 15 July, 2020
Aditive Manufacturing 4.0: FDM Technique

The techniques described in previous articles have focused on the development of additive manufacturing using metals and technologically...Leer más

BDIH 10 July, 2020
Additive Manufacturing 4.0: Laser Cladding

After highlighting two of the three main technologies in additive metal manufacturing, the time has come to present the latest technique:...Leer más

BDIH 25 June, 2020
Additive Manufacturing 4.0: Metal Fusion

Within the industrial landscape, the adoption of Additive Manufacturing is providing companies with innovative, customised and...Leer más

BDIH 16 June, 2020
Materials 4.0: the BDIH and the circular economy

Innovation in Materials has historically provided the Basque industry with significant advances in the development of new products and in...Leer más

BDIH 8 June, 2020
Additive Manufacturing 4.0: experiment and transform the way you conceive, design and manufacture your products

SPRI Group, together with the BDIH, presents the Additive Manufacturing node to Basque SMEs, a network of assets and experts focused on...Leer más

BDIH 3 June, 2020
The Closing word on…Advanced materials

Ibon Ocaña, European Business Development at CEIT. This month on advanced materials closes with some words from the coordinator of the...Leer más

BDIH 20 May, 2020
Materials 4.0: make your forging processes sustainable and energy efficient

In this article Grupo SPRI, together with the BDIH and its Advanced Materials Node, continues develop our knowledge and capacity to...Leer más

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