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In the photo, we present César Pérez, Technology Director of Lortek. This month dedicated to presenting the technological and human capacities of the Basque Digital Innovation Hub's Additive Manufacturing node to the Basque industrial companies, closes with The Opinion of the Coordinator of the BDIH's Additive Manufacturing Node, César Pérez. Cesar began his educational career at the National University of Colombia, graduating in Industrial Engineering, and later obtained a PhD in Science, in the area of Materials, at the University...Leer más

In the articles published to date, the SPRI Group, together with the BDIH, has presented the different nodes that make up the group, explaining their areas of action and highlighting the benefits that these can bring to the Basque industry through the implementation and use of 4.0 technologies. This article presents another agent whose role is essential for the development of the additive manufacturing technology ecosystem, being at the same time a perfect complement to the work carried out by the BDIH: ADDIMAT. ADDIMAT, the Spanish...Leer más

Additive Manufacturing 4.0: Laser Cladding

After highlighting two of the three main technologies in additive metal manufacturing, the time has come to present the latest technique:...Leer más

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