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Videos of the Basque Cybersecurity Day 2018

The Basque Cybersecurity Day is the cybersecurity event of reference in the Basque Country.

Its objective is to act as a meeting point between those requesting and those supplying cybersecurity services, including some issues with social impact, such as education or cybercrime.

The event, organized by the Basque Cybersecurity Centre, seeks to contribute to the revitalization of the cybersecurity sector by promoting the application of these technologies in industry with a dual purpose::

- Raise the maturity level of the Basque industrial ecosystem to make it safer and better protected against cyber threats.

- For cybersecurity to be a differential value that contributes to the competitive capacity of Basque companies.

Moreover, we are committed to cybersecurity entrepreneurship as an economic development driver that enables the Basque Country to be positioned internationally as a benchmark in this field.

Among others, the following topics will be addressed:

  • 1 Cyber espionage on industrial companies and critical infrastructures
  • Samuel Linares (Accenture) interviews Mahir Nayfeh (McKinsey Partner) on the global situation and the real extent of the Cyber Threat, a problem which is as global as the Internet. During the interview, Mahir will provide his point of view based on his long career in cybersecurity and will deal with business as well as geopolitical perspectives.

  • 2 Chain of Supply: SMEs in the spotlight
  • Companies are not invisible, even if they are small. The threat affects them simply because of their being connected to the Internet or their supplying another larger company or a company in a business which is more strategic for the Basque Country. Waiting for sector regulations to be enforceable is a minimum reactive approach; the truth is that large driving companies which work in sectors such as Energy or Aeronautics already need to raise their line of protection. And even more so in the automotive sector, with connected vehicles as a major vulnerability vector. The auxiliary industry needs to increase its level of maturity. Four major driving companies share their points of view as well as their experiences with Susana Asensio (CCI) as moderator.

  • 3 Public-private collaboration: Opportunities
  • Public-public and public-private collaboration, in all their forms, are a key leverage to contribute to the development of the Cybersecurity economic sector and to its transfer towards industrial productive agents. The different aspects of this type of collaboration include, for example, the creation of shared infrastructures, alignment between different spheres, leadership to promote the basic services which are not being covered by the private sector or devising incentives to promote an evolution which responds to the regional specialization strategy, amongst others. Agents from different areas will discuss their experiences and points of view while being interviewed by Danilo D’Elia (ECSO).

  • 4 Digital entrepreneurship, a challenge with a global scope
  • The Basque Country is a community which has gained international recognition for their innovation capacity. When complemented with a top level research network, entrepreneurship and the creation of new companies become key elements for said innovation. Europe has a strong technological dependence on other ecosystems, such as the American or the Israeli, and the creation of its own technology is a challenge which should be given a decisive response. The panel will be led by Urko Zurutuza (Mondragon University) and will be made up of different types of agents associated to this challenge who will analyze the major challenges for entrepreneurship and for the creation of technology in a totally globalized sector where the most outstanding competitors are highly qualified and strongly funded.

  • 5 The CEO’s perspective on business risk management
  • 6 Trends
  • The panel will be led by Pablo García-Bringas (University of Deusto) and will address the analysis of different types of trends. As Cibersecurity is a multidisciplinary field, some of the trends will have a more technological character, others will be related to a sector going through a true digital revolution, and there will be a third approach related more to the managerial aspect of business risk management.

  • 7 Digital Citizenship: Towards a more cybersecure society?
  • Our current society is witnessing negative experiences (claims, legal sentences, psychological impact, evolution of education) which are motivated by the increasing use of digital media. José de la Peña (SIC magazine) will moderate a panel of experts in different areas who will analyze the relationship (or the lack of it) between the different cases and aspects such as social position, age, sex or others.


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Javier Diéguez

Director. Basque Cybersecurity Centre



Arantxa Tapia

Minister for Economic Development and Infrastructures
Basque Government


Keynote Interview

Cyberspionage on industrial companies and critical infrastructures

Mahir Nayfeh. McKinsey

Moderator: Samuel Linares. Accenture


Chain of Supply: SMEs in the spotlight

José Corera. Iberdrola

Javier Herrero. Aernnova Aerospace

Héctor Olabegogeaskoetxea. Irizar eMobility

Íñigo García-Merino. Siemens-Gamesa

Moderator: Susana Asensio. Industrial Cybersecurity Centre


Networking Coffee


Public-private collaboration: Opportunities

Félix Barrio. INCIBE

Juha Remes. Finnish Information Security Cluster

Iratxe Martín. Basque Cybersecurity Centre

Garikoitz Agote. ZIUR Foundation

Moderator: Danilo D'Elia. European Cybersecurity Organization


Digital entrepreneurship, a challenge with a global scope

Aitor Urzelai. Basque Government

Carlos Alberto Silva. Sonae Investment Management

Sandra Wiesbeck. IT Security Bayern Cluster

Miranda Ward. Cylon UK

Moderator: Urko Zurutuza. Mondragon University




Keynote Speaker

The CEO’s perspective on business risk management

Rosa García. Siemens Spain



Roberto Martínez. Ingecom

Azucena Hernández. GCybentia Mobility and Cybersecurity

Stefan A. Deutscher. Boston Consulting Group

Moderator: Pablo García Bringas. University of Deusto


Digital Citizenship: Towards a more cybersecure society?

Rikardo Lamadrid. Basque Government

Manuel Viota. Ertzaintza

Jorge Bermúdez. Cybercrime Prosecutor of Gipuzkoa

Cristina Isasi. Psychologist specializing in Minors and New Technologies

Moderator: José De la Peña. SIC Magazine



Estefanía Beltrán de Heredia.

Basque Government – Minister for Security



November 20-21, 2019
Bilbao Exhibition Centre

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