Basque business development agency

SPRI Office in Russia

The SPRI Representative Office in Russia has been operating in Moscow since 2009, supporting the internationalisation of Basque companies in Russia.

The SPRI office in Russia provides Basque companies with comprehensive support to facilitate their access to the russian market and their installation process in the country, as well as support and advice for russian investors who consider the Basque Country to be their best partner in Europe.

Main sectors for basque companies supported by SPRI Russia

  • Machine-tolos
  • Ironware
  • Energy
  • Rail
  • Aeronautics
  • Software
  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Agro-food
  • Construction
  • Hotel and catering
  • Electronics

Services for basque companies

Market intelligence

  • Target market information and analysis.
  • Study of customes duty on product: Imports/Exports.
  • Preparation of travel agendas.
  • Accompaniment.
  • Support at trade fairs.
  • Contacts and negotiations with public institutions.

Structure at destination

  • Identification of local partners.
  • Search for land, premises, offices, specialised facilities.
  • Legal and fiscal guidance, public subsidies.
  • Advice on bank account opening procedure at destination.
  • Assistance in registration of product with approval agencies. Industrial intellectual property.
  • Search and pre-selection of H.R. abroad.
  • Virtual office services.

Network expansion services

  • Search for distributor, agent, customers.
  • Temporary monitoring of local distributors.
  • Search for suppliers.
  • Research on local business and trade reports.
  • Support in creating export consortia abroad.


Assistance in tendering in the framework of multilateral organisations:

  • Step 1: assessment and strategy.
  • Step 2: prospecting and business search.
  • Step 3: support in commercial activity

Services for russian companies

Present the potential of the Basque Country, as a good place to invest, on the russian market.

Identify and promote new investments, reinvestments and business expansions of russian companies interested in installing in the Basque Country.

Advise potential investors, taking into account every installation requirement and strategy.