Postdoctoral Researcher in the area of Organic Spintronic/Electronic Devices

miércoles, 27 de enero de 2016

The Nanodevices Group at the CIC nanoGUNE Research Center in San Sebastian is currently looking for a
Postdoctoral Researcher who is interested in working in the area of Organic Spintronic/Electronic Devices.

The research topics encompass the study of the electron and spin transport properties of novel molecules as well as the merge of optical and spin properties in single devices. The research will require the fabrication of organic-based devices (by both UHV evaporation and chemical methods), together with their (low temperature) electrical characterization. The position is funded by the EU FET-Open project 2D-INK.

The Nanodevices group, led by Luis E. Hueso, is currently composed of 16 members including senior and junior researchers. The group counts with extensive research facilities for fabrication and characterization of devices and several active research lines spanning from nanofabrication to 2D electronics and spin transport. More information can be found at

As an example related to this specific position here advertised, a selection of recent work on organic electronics and spintronics in which our team has participated can be found in the following articles: Nanoscale 7, 15442 (2015); Chemical Communications 51, 10754 (2015); Advanced Functional Materials 25, 2972 (2015); Advanced Electronic Materials 1, 1500065 (2015); Advanced Materials 26, 7561 (2014); Nature Communications 5, 4161 (2014); Applied Physics Letters 105, 083302 (2014); Nature Communications 4, 2794 (2013); Nanotechnology
24, 475201 (2013); Applied Physics Letters 101, 102404 (2012); Organic Electronics 13, 2301 (2012); Advanced Materials 23, 1609 (2011); Nature Physics 6, 615 (2010); Nature Materials 8, 707 (2009); Physical Review B 78, 115203 (2008); Advanced Materials 19, 2639 (2007).


Candidates should hold a Ph.D. in physics, materials science or chemistry. Experience in one or more of the following experimental techniques would be strongly preferred: organic spintronic devices, organic transistors, lithography, metal and organic evaporation, AFM, low-temperature electrical transport, photocurrent and photovoltaic measurements.

The candidate should have a strong track record in publications at the highest level. In addition, he/she should be self-motivated and a team player willing to coordinate the research in a particular topic.

Proficiency in spoken and written English is compulsory.

Applicants should send their CV together with a cover letter explaining his/her interest in the
position and at least two reference letters to: Dr. Luis E. Hueso at

The position is available from February 2016 and it will remain open until a successful candidate is

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