SONY takes a stake in Acutronic Robotics, parent company of the Basque startup Erle Robotics

Thursday, September 7th, 2017

Erle Robotics Acutronic SONY

Almost a year ago, the Swiss multinational Acutronic Robotics took control of Erle Robotics, a startup based in Alava and currently one of the major global players in the field of robotics. Now it has been the multinational SONY, through its foundation for innovation, which has joined the project as a partner.

The arrival of the giant SONY has been carried out through a multi-million euro operation in a first round of financing. The round will make it possible to speed up the technology initially developed by the Basque startup Erle Robotics, founded by brothers Victor and David Mayoral.

The H-ROS operating system is the key interest factor for big multinationals linked to electronics. Funded at the time by the U.S. Pentagon itself, this system is called to become the global standard for robotic components; the platform will facilitate the creation of a common global ecosystem of hardware components (interoperable with each other and reconfigurable) which will enable these components to be interchangeable between different robots. H-ROS allows robotic systems to be built quickly and easily, in compliance with the latest industrial and commercial standards.

According to Victor Mayoral, now CEO of Acutronic Robotics and its subsidiary in the Basque Country, Erle Robotics, “Recent advances have enabled us to demonstrate how our ideas are perfectly aligned with the vision of large multinationals. The work we are performing from the Basque Country has global projection and interest. We hope this work can attract more opportunities, capital and talent to the Basque Country and Spain. Local and regional support is proving crucial for this development”.


The team in Vitoria will grow

Victor Mayoral announced that with the investment made by SONY, “our team in Vitoria-Gasteiz will continue to grow and we will continue to innovate in the fields of modular robotics and artificial intelligence applied to robotics”.

Many of these innovations focus on training robots by using artificial intelligence techniques that mimic the neurobiological structures located in the nervous system: “We train our robots in the same way that people train their pet. Our engineers instruct robots by using rewards and/or penalties, depending on how well or poorly they perform”.

“The modularity of our technology allows us to provide solutions that have not been possible in robotics until now. Smarter behaviour, adapted to the dynamic changing environments that we expect, could lead to robots solving more interesting tasks. We are confident that our solutions will soon enable some of the major problems existing in robotics to be solved”, states Víctor Mayoral.


About Erle Robotics and Acutronic Robotics

With headquarters in Zurich (Switzerland) and offices in Bilbao, Vitoria and the United States, Acutronic Robotics is one of the leaders in modular robotic solutions. The group has the support of partners such as Acutronic, with expertise in the field of industrial high precision (aviation, transportation, space, defence, electronic devices, etc.).

After the entry of SONY into the capital of Acutronic Robotics, Victor Mayoral, from Alava, and Carlos Uraga, from Biscay/Bizkaia, will continue as executive directors of the firm. The entry of new firms from the world of electronics or finance into the capital of the company in the coming months has not been ruled out.


Erle Robotics is a company created in the capital of Alava in late 2013 by two young entrepreneurs: Víctor and David Mayoral, aged 24 and 21. Both are linked to the world of engineering, telecommunications and informatics, as well as to the field of business administration, respectively.

The firm has specialized in the design and manufacture of small low-cost drones developed using the Linux free, open-source operating system and adapted especially for research and education purposes.

Erle Robotics was selected as one of the 15 robotics startups with the highest potential in the Robot Launch 2015 global competition. It currently provides employment for 15 highly qualified professionals.


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