Indian company invests 1.2 million euros in Basque startup Optimitive

19 September, 2016
Optimitive group.

The Alava-based company aims to be a pioneer in the market for real time smart energy efficiency technologies for Industry 4.0.


The Alava-based startup Optimitive has attracted a capital investment of 1.2 million euros from Enzen Global, a leading Indian company in energy, water and environmental solutions. Optimitive, which provides energy efficiency and predictive maintenance services for factories, is a provider of real-time dynamic optimisation solutions (Optibat) for industrial processes. The Optibat Energy Saver connects to industrial process control systems and makes necessary adjustments in response to changing conditions such as raw material being used, atmosphere or production rate to achieve the maximum possible energy efficiency without sacrificing output or quality.


Optimitive aims to be a pioneer in the market for smart real time energy efficiency technologies for Industry 4.0. For Optimitive, the capital raised and the partnership with Enzen represent a huge step towards this goal, since Enzen can extend the company outreach throughout four continents. By including Optimitive solutions in its portfolio, Enzen will be able to further strengthen its energy efficiency offerings to new and existing markets.


“We see a future where every industrial control room will be supported by a smart efficiency assistance system. Our ambition is for our Optibat product to be the first and best in class, setting a standard in this market space”, states Javier A. Garcia, Optimitive founder and CEO, who is passionate about the practical application of artificial intelligence.


About Optimitive

Optimitive is a high-tech big data company providing energy saving and efficiency services to process industries. It enables customers to complement their existing control and optimisation technologies with its own Artificial Intelligence based solutions.

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