CIC nanoGUNE develops quality control system for graphene devices

10 March, 2016

The Basque cooperative research centre in nanosciences, CIC nanoGUNE, has developed a new tool to perform non-invasive quality control of graphene devices.

The development, carried out in collaboration with the Photonic Sciences Institute of Catalonia (Instituto de Ciencias Fotónicas de Cataluña – ICFO), consists of a technique for efficient characterization of the optoelectronic properties of graphene devices at the nanoscale.

The team of experts who have participated in the research includes the scientist Pablo Alonso González and the Ikerbasque researcher Rainer Hillenbrand.

The integration of electronic and optoelectronic grapheme devices is progressing, although to achieve optimal operation of this type of solution, it is necessary to minimise the nanoscale and atomic scale imperfections that still exist.

The current techniques used for nanoscale graphene characterisation are mostly invasive, require specifically designed device structures and lack nanometer scale resolution.

In this sense, the tool developed by the CIC nanoGUNE scientists combines different techniques and opens the door to new non-invasive inspection possibilities that might be integrated into electronic and optoelectronic technologies.

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