Innovation and Technology


One of the best ways we have to boost socio-economic development of a region is to transfer new knowledge and cutting-edge technologies to its companies, in order to bring about their evolutionary transformation and facilitate the generation of new products and services.

The B-EEN network, engaged in the development of this principle, promotes the access of Basque companies to a continuous process of modernisation, in which it provides a set of services to support innovation, through the dissemination of technologies developed by companies of Network partner countries and the dissemination of technologies developed by Basque companies to their European counterparts.

Thus, the Basque-EEN is committed to the overseas promotion of technology and R&D generated in Euskadi.


Turning knowledge and technology into innovative products in the international market is the key to sustainable development of our economy.

Thus, our main objectives are:
 To promote all forms of innovation as an instrument of connection and union between research and innovation.
 To provide support services for innovation, such as management of intellectual property rights, and particularly in international transfer between generators and buyers of technology.
 To disseminate technologies produced in Network partner countries.
 To promote technology and the results of R&D projects generated in Euskadi overseas.
 To provide advanced services for highly innovative SMEs.

In short, the services offered can be broken down into 6 sections:

1. Information and contact
 Visits and technological diagnosis for companies
 Seminars and conferences on innovation and intellectual property

2. Identification of technology bids and offers
 Prioritising technology bids and offers
 Documenting them for promotion

3. Promotion of technology bids and offers
 Alert and monitoring Service
 Technology transfer events - Brokerage Events
 Sectorial Groups
 Newsletters

4. Advisory Services
 Intellectual/Industrial Property
 Innovation Financing

5. Support in the negotiation process

6. Advanced services to highly innovative SMEs (HORIZON 2020)
 Improved management of innovation in SMEs (MICS)
 Support services to beneficiaries of projects in the SME Instrument (KAM)

Technology transfer

Sections of IT application in the B-EEN network aimed at covering Technology Transfer Processes:

Technology offers
This site offers Basque companies all the technology offers that are in force in the EEN network. Searches can be made of certain technological sectors.

Technology bids
This page offers Basque companies all the technology bids that are in force in the EEN. If you are interested in a particular technology sector, by clicking on the appropriate title, you get the bids related to the sector.

Selected Technology Offers. (Selection of technology offerings)
This section presents the latest technology offers incorporated into the EEN. If you are interested in a particular technology sector, by clicking on the appropriate title, you get the offers related to this sector.

Selected Technology Bids. (Selection of technology bids)
Section offers the latest technology bids incorporated in the EEN. If you are interested in a particular technology sector, by clicking on the appropriate title, you get the bids related to the sector.

Technology Search
This tool helps Basque companies find the technology required in the supply and demand of European technology published in the EEN, limiting and choosing the profiles according to their needs.

Monitoring and detection of technologies
This offers the Basque company a system of staying up to date with new ideas in innovation, science and technological transformation. From here they can receive information about proposals from companies interested in acquiring and transmitting technology and it will also allow them to carry out technological and prospective surveillance and monitoring in areas of their interest.

Technology transfer events
A Brokerage Event is a business event in which companies participate in bilateral meetings with the aim of reaching agreements on technological or knowledge transfer. Usually they are carried out within the framework of specialized international fairs and conferences.

Publication of technologies

Additional services

Sectorial groups
These are special interest groups formed by different Network Consortia which focus their efforts on areas of importance in their respective regions.
 Their aim is to find methods and strategies to improve the transfer of technology, taking the sector as a starting point.
 Each member makes and shares with the group a report on the situation of the sector in their region.
 The problems and opportunities in the sector are discussed and transmitted locally.
 Joint activities such as Brokerage Events are coordinated and supported.

Active Groups:
• Aeronautics and Space
• Agrofood
• Automotive, Transport and Logistics
• BioChemTech
• Creative industries
• Environment
• Healthcare
• ICT Industry and Services
• Intelligent Energy
• Maritime Industry and Services
• Materials
• Nano- and Microtechnologies
• Services and Retail
• Sustainable Construction
• Textile & Fashion
• Tourism and Cultural Heritage
• Woman Entrepreneurship