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Nanotechnologies and Advanced Materials Pilot Projects Testbeds for industry and ..

Horizon 2020, in particular through its industrial leadership pillar, has invested ..

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Intergune+ 2016. UK “Open for Business”

Video and presentations

Smart coatings at the ECNF 2016 Conference on Nanofilms

Nanofilms are extremely thin coatings used to modify surface properties of materials ..

Basque Industry
The Basque Country is presented as an attractive destination for industrial investment

The Basque Government holds a monographic event with 30 German industrial companies, ..

Basque Industry
The SPRI “Invest in the Basque Country” programme has attracted €225M foreign ..

Since it was reinforced, the strategy of the Basque Government Department for ..

The SPRI Group receives 22 senior officials from Finland

The Finnish delegation has come to the Basque Country to learn about the current ..

A delegation from Bavaria meets the SPRI Group to strengthen industrial cooperation

They will stay in the Basque Country 2 days and visit companies and the Tecnalia ..

The Basque Government, through SPRI, attracted 22 new foreign investment projects in 2015

The “Invest in the Basque Country” unit multiplied the previous year’s results ..

Bial sells its allergology division to Roxall, including the R&D centre located ..

BIAL will maintain the” pharma business unit” in Spain, with a workforce of around ..

Arantxa Tapia: “The Basque Country has managed to develop links between advanced ..

8th International Meeting on Biotechnology, held to coincide with European Biotech ..

Basque companies have Latin American energy and environment business opportunities ..

The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) have a portfolio of 166 ..

Basque Biotechnological Enterprises. Biobasque Company Directory 2016

R&D investment by bio business in the Basque Country has risen by more than 12,2% in ..

The Mercedes-Benz factory in Vitoria expects to achieve record production in 2016

One of the most important plants in the Basque Country, with 3,500 direct employees ..

BIGlittle Invest 2016 presentation

BIGlittle Basque Country expresses the strength and energy of this country, with its ..

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