Nanoscience for superheroes

The CIC nanoGUNE and Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC) research centres ..

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Neuroscience applied to spinal cord injuries, new chair from the AXA Research Fund ..

The funding amounts to 800,000 euros and will help us understand the practical ..

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DIPC, CFM and nanoGUNE researchers are the co-authors of one of the twelve most ..

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Journal of Physics series, which encompasses ..

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When Optics goes Atomic

Researchers from the Center of Materials Physics in San Sebastián and DIPC have ..

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On-chip observation of THz graphene plasmons

Radiation in the terahertz (THz) frequency range is attracting large interest because ..

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Smart coatings at the ECNF 2016 Conference on Nanofilms

Nanofilms are extremely thin coatings used to modify surface properties of materials ..

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Professor Ángel Rubio awarded Spanish Royal Physical Society medal

This is the second time that the Spanish Royal Physical Society has acknowledged his ..

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The scientific elite in the field of nanotechnology come together in San Sebastián

The 3 -day conference, expected to bring together some 170 researchers, will feature ..

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Pedro Miguel Echenique awarded Honorary Doctorate by the University of Aalto (Helsinki)

The scientific and cultural work of Professor Echenique was highlighted in his nomination.

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San Sebastian hosts international conference on Advanced Manufacturing and Materials

Around 200 participants from 11 countries will attend the conference

Donostia International Physics Center to receive European Physical Society award

An award to acknowledge its outstanding contribution in the field of condensed matter ..

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European Eiros project comes to the Basque Country

The IK4-Tekniker Research Alliance is hosting a meeting of this initiative to develop ..

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Bacterial communication processes to be observed at very early stages

The research shows the potential for identifying those molecules which use bacteria ..

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Self-cleaning, anti-reflective, microorganism-resistant coatings

The research of Alexander Santiago set out to make a contribution towards the ..

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New step towards clean energy production from enzymes

Oxygen inhibits hydrogenases, a group of enzymes that are able to produce and split ..

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