Initiative to promote and facilitate the participation of Basque companies in international and multilateral projects, taking advantage of the experience of the Basque Country in the field of public competitiveness and regional development policies.

The aim of this initiative is to create international business opportunities for Basque companies, mainly in the advanced services sector, based on the creation and improvement of the prestige of the Basque Country and its institutions abroad, in the field of public policies.




  • Seize opportunities in the multilateral market.
  • Support companies that submit tenders to multilateral development agencies.
  • Provide an access channel to multilateral development agencies.
  • Participate in public-private initiatives.



  • Reception of fact-finding visits.
  • Training.
  • Technical assistance.
  • Institutional mentoring.
  • Institutional alliances.



  • Participation in international networks and thematic seminars.
  • Specific cooperation agreements.


FINANCING. Assistance in Tendering in the framework of Multilateral Organisations.

PHASE I – Evaluation and Strategy:

a) Analysis of the company’s potential
b) Preparation of the Internationalisation Plan
c) Financing for derived projects

PHASE II – Prospecting and Search for Business

a) Multilateral market observatory
b) In situ representation, with a focus of active positioning and prospecting for opportunities

PHASE III – Business Support

a) Mediation for technical clarification
b) Technical review of the proposal
c) Identification of local partners
d) Support in negotiation with local partners
e) Support in the project financing cycle, through the private sector windows of Multilaterals
f) Support in permanent establishment activities
g) Organisation of Agendas/Meetings

“In 2013 the World Bank included SPRI in its Private Sector Liaison Officers (PSLO) Network, as an agent to liaise with the private sector in the Basque Country. This network is made up of 156 business organisations in 106 countries.”
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