Transmedia Day will explore the many ways of telling a story in the digital age

Friday, October 24th, 2014

Within the BIME music industry festival, held on 31 October and 1 November, will be Transmedia Day. The event is dedicated to showing the possibilities of transmedia storytelling for sectors such as advertising, artistic creation, or video games. It will also host a 24-hour hackathon.

Transmedia storytelling is a concept that refers to the content that fans out from a story, creating different and complementary stories, adapted to the media in which they are broadcast. For example, a fiction film can lead to a video game, a comic or blogs and video content produced by its fans. While all the stories are based on the same story, the language of each channel is exploited to create different content.

The concept of transmedia storytelling is not new, but has been expanded with the emergence of multiple digital media platforms, as well as the figure of prosumers, consumers who take an active role and also create new content based on the stories they like. To discuss this phenomenon and find out what is currently being done in the Basque Country, on 31 October and 1 November Transmedia Day will be held, a day within the BIME festival.

During the event, there will be presentations and a panel discussion focused on exploring the potential of transmedia storytelling in different sectors, such as advertising and marketing, video games and audiovisual creation. It will also make Basque companies that are developing this type of narrative more visible. After the discussion, Transmedia Day prizes will be awarded to the best productions at the state level, divided into two categories: completed projects and initiatives in development. Finally, there will be a 24-hour hackathon to create new transmedia storytelling proposals in collaboration with software and hardware developers from BIME Hackday.

Transmedia Day is an initiative organized by the content producer and Last Tour International. It forms part of the BIME PRO programme, a trade show dedicated to the music and digital industry to take place between 29 and 31 October at the BEC!

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