The Tisskoop project is developing implants for regenerative medicine

Monday, August 25th, 2014

Danobatgroup is carrying out a project, called Tisskoop, which is developing a new type of three-dimensional implant for use in regenerative medicine. It is a medium in which cells are seeded and, once implanted in the patient’s body, allows new tissue to grow in it, which will help to repair or partially or fully replace damaged tissue.

The Tisskoop project was launched with the intention of obtaining a solution in the field of regenerative medicine to treat diseases and injuries related to degeneration of the hyaline cartilage in the knee.

This initiative, supported by the Basque Government Etorgai programme, is working to improve existing technology to produce this type of implants, known as scaffolds, in order to contribute this knowledge to an increasingly important field like medicine.

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