The Liver Diseases Group at BioDonostia wins European Association award for research work

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

The European Association for the Study of the Liver has awarded one of the five prizes for the best research work in this field to the Liver Diseases Group of the BioDonostia Health Research Institute, led by Dr. Jesús María Bañales Asurmendi.

This award means important recognition for the work being carried out by the research group on Polycystic Liver Diseases (PCLDs), a type of genetic disorder that affects millions of people worldwide.

At present, the only treatment that cures the disease is liver transplantation. Therefore, the need to find applicable clinical therapies is urgent.

During its research the Liver Diseases Group of the BioDonostia Health Research Institute has discovered a new mechanism through which polycystic liver diseases progress, as well as a new molecule capable of blocking this process.

This has led to publication of an article, with great impact, in one of the best international journals in the field of medicine, the English magazine GUT.

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