The EU funds 3 advanced manufacturing projects with IK4-Ikerlan participation

Thursday, December 18th, 2014

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The European Union (EU), through its Horizon 2020 R&D support programme, has funded IK4-Ikerlan research centre to take part in three R&D projects on advanced manufacturing, just one of the areas in which the centre holds a prominent position. These projects will be launched early in 2015 and will terminate between late 2017 and mid-2018.

The three projects, called CREMA, C2Net and MEMAN, have already been approved. Jointly, the three projects will benefit IK4-Ikerlan to the tune of 1.2 million euros. Their common goal is to develop tools to improve the efficiency of European industry, and the involvement of Basque companies is outstanding.

CREMA seeks to develop a cloud-based computing tool that gathers real time data concerning company machines, analyses them and provides solutions so that the most suitable decisions about their operation can be taken.

C2Net is an initiative intended to produce applications and infrastructure in the cloud to monitor the flow of materials between a plant and its suppliers and customers in real time.

Finally, the remit of the MEMAN project is to develop methodologies, tools and business models to improve the efficiency of the entire value chain of companies in the metal-mechanic sector.

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