Students in Tolosa create a cube with Arduino for older people to exercise their minds

Tuesday, June 17th, 2014

A team of 4th grade Hirukide college secondary pupils has designed the Kubo project, a game with coloured lights intended for older people to exercise the mobility of their hands and their cognitive abilities. It is based on Arduino and its creators will publish all designs so that it can be replicated.

Hirukide college, in Tolosa, has a close relationship with the Uzturre residential care home and each week students visit elderly residents. This is why the centre managers asked the teachers whether they could find an idea to help residents to exercise their minds and senses, and hence the Kubo project arose and has become a group project for the 4th grade Technology class.

A team made up of four students and their Technology teacher, Jabi Luengo, has designed a game cube, on which each side is lit up in a different colour. Operation is very simple: it consists of finding the red side, for instance, and placing it facing upwards, thereby managing to exercise finger, wrist and eye movement, as well as using cognitive abilities in a fun way. The team of students has used an Arduino board and free software to build the project and, once completed, the description of the process, design, plans and source code will be published on Internet so that any other school or person interested in technology can create their own Kubo.

In order to raise funds to buy materials, the students opened a crowdfunding campaign on the platform and, although it is still active, have already managed to more than exceed the minimum funding required to launch the project. They now have the first Kubo prototype and intend to produce it using a 3D printer so as to take it to the Uzturre care home before the end of the school year.

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