IK4-TEKNIKER develops systems to make evacuation at mass events 20% faster

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

IK4-TEKNIKER technology centre is working with Real Sociedad football club and Metro Bilbao to develop intelligent systems, within the European eVACUATE project, aimed at improving the speed of evacuation from public places and mass events by 20%.

The project, which has a total budget in excess of 13 million euros, is designed to be adaptable dynamically to any kind of scenario or situation.

The aim is for people trapped during a complicated evacuation to receive enough information constantly so that they realise what is going on and know about the best evacuation route at all times, even if the situation changes.

By using several intelligent systems, which will combine different communication technologies, in-situ analysis of the real situation and dynamic signage of the active evacuation route, it is anticipated that evacuation will be over 20% faster.

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