Irizar and Tecnalia collaborate in developing the drive unit for the first electric urban bus in Europe

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014

Grupo Irizar, leader manufacturer of buses and coaches, has presented the first electric urban bus in Europe, equipped with an all-electric propulsion system, developed by the company in collaboration with Tecnalia Technology Corporation.

Tecnalia, through its “eDrive Control” team, has worked jointly with Irizar and Jema (Irizar Group) in development of the propulsion system and in control of the power system. The final result is an eco-friendly buss that saves 33,000 litres of fuel per year and prevents 88 million tonnes of CO2 per year from being released into the atmosphere.

Although all safety devices have been reinforced, the weight of the bus has, however, been reduced by using aluminium alloys. It is the first bus that complies with safety rules for preventing rollover (R66).

Energy management was a challenge during development of the vehicle, as working conditions and required power are considerably different from those of a light vehicle.

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