The Basque Country helps to increase the European share of the world robotics market

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

Europe seeks to increase its share of the global robotics market to 42% and, to achieve this, has launched an ambitious public-private initiative in which 2,800 million euros will be invested and in which the Basque Country is present through the IK4 Alliance, Tecnalia and the UPV/EHU.

The European Commission and 180 research organisations and companies, under the umbrella of euRobotics, have launched the biggest civil research and innovation programme in robotics, covering manufacturing, agriculture, health, transport, civil security and households.

The EU Executive will invest 700 million euros in this initiative, called SPARC, while euRobotics will invest 2,100. In total, 2,800 million euros to keep the EU up to date at the forefront of technology in robotics and increase its share of the global robotics market to 42%, which would mean an increase of 4,000 million euros a year.

The members of the IK4 Alliance are actively working to develop robotics technology and have extensive experience in finding solutions in this sector, both in the field of industrial robotics and in service robotics.

Meanwhile, Tecnalia has developed multiple robotic applications, from applications on two-armed robots to collaborative robots, including the associated sensory technologies or PKM solutions.

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