Pine Equipos Eléctricos to participate in construction of European free-electron laser

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Pine Equipos Eléctricos is to participate in the construction of the European X-ray free electron laser (XFEL), one of the leading R&D projects in the European Union, which will be operational from 2015.

This complex instrument will enable the functioning of molecules and atoms in chemical processes to be seen for the first time. With this laser it will be possible to analyse matter down to atomic length scales and the high-intensity x-ray pulses will be so fast that it will be possible to construct a 3D film of molecular interactions.

Pine Equipos Eléctricos, which belongs to the Ingeteam corporation, has been awarded the manufacture and supply of 92 ICRS control cabinets for the intersections of the European XFEL project.

The company has extensive experience in the construction of switchboards and the quality of its products and services is guaranteed by meticulous equipment design and construction.

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