Pausoka consolidates its internationalisation in Latin America with the distribution of three of its formats

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

Basque audiovisual production company Pausoka Entertainment has taken an important step towards consolidating its internationalisation by signing an agreement for distribution of its The Impostor, Council of the Wise and Stars on the Street formats in Latin America.

According to Pausoka Entertainment, “For several years now, the company has been focused on creating new formats and has been successful in marketing its ideas abroad, reaching countries as diverse as the United States, China and Russia”.

To be able to grow in Latin America, the company has signed a distribution agreement with Cisneros Media Distribution, a leading company in the American market.

The Impostor is a reality show in which a person pretends to be part of a family for a few days, while a contestant tries to discover him or her, whereas Stars on the Street is a talent show in which singers on the programme start from the bottom: by singing on the street.

Council of the Wise gives troubled young people the opportunity to receive advice from a council of elders, a group of life experts composed of four elderly men and women who have already experienced and overcome very similar situations in the past and want to help them.

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