Neiker installs six weather stations in Ghana and Senegal to optimise agricultural productivity

Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

The Basque Institute for Agricultural Research and Development, NEIKER-Tecnalia, has directed the installation of six weather stations in Western Africa that will enable the environmental conditions of crops to be monitored and thus optimise their irrigation in order to achieve higher productivity and food security.

Six test fields have been established in an initial phase, four in Ghana and two in Senegal, which will be used as a test base to learn about the specific characteristics of each terrain, which will enable conclusions to be made and transferred to other areas in a second phase.

The project highlights the commitment of NEIKER-Tecnalia to contribute to agricultural development and promote food security in less-favoured regions.

Of the six stations, four are intended as pilot fields at Bantanga, Akumadan, Kpong and Weija, in Ghana, where tomatoes and rice are grown. The remaining two correspond to the pilot fields of Vital and Fayane, in Senegal, where the aim is to optimise irrigation, both by flooding and by sprinkler, for the rice crop.

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