Irisbond launches its Smartplaphoons software to surf on the computer by eyetracking

Friday, October 10th, 2014


Gipuzkoa start-up Irisbond has begun to distribute Smartplaphoons, a software system that enables quick, easy access to computer applications by using eye movement, intended for people with disabilities. ADEMGI and Deusto Business School have collaborated in the project.

Donostia-San Sebastián company Irisbond, specialising in the development of assisted communication technologies such as Eye Tracking, has put its Irisbond Primma system, a device to control the computer by eye movements, on the market. The system is especially addressed to people with disabilities, since it allows use of the mouse by eye movements but, once developed, its developers wanted to go one step further and create software to make computer surfing quicker and easier.

The result is Smartplaphoons, a programme based on free software to access the most common computer applications through a window with 9 large buttons. With a single click, users can surf the Internet, work in the office environment, write an email, listen to music, access the communicator or use WhatsApp, among other options. “Controlling the mouse with eye movements is a lot, but not enough; we saw that software was also necessary to enable simple, intuitive surfing”, explains Eduardo Jauregui, CEO of Irisbond, “we didn’t want to charge for it, so we integrated it into our product as added value”.

Smartplaphoons is the result of teamwork involving the Technical Department of Irisbond, the speech therapist Ainhoa Pérez of ADEMGI, the Gipuzkoa Multiple Sclerosis Association and students Juan Sainz and Alejo Vázquez, studying the double degree in Business Administration and Business and Computing Engineering at Deusto Business School. The team has developed Smartplaphoons from the free software programme Plaphoons, created by Jordi Lagares, by updating it and adapting it to the Irisbond Eye Tracking system. ADEMGI has provided the experience of users, validating the tool, and the students have worked with the company in developing the software. After passing the prior tests, Smartplaphoons is now distributed within the Irisbond Primma system.

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