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Wednesday, May 13th, 2015

Doing Business 2015 - Going Beyond Efficiency
Comparing Business Regulations for domestic Firms in 189 Economies
US trade deficit jumps to 6-year high of $51.4 billion
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. trade deficit in March jumped to the highest level in more than six years as a small increase in exports was swamped by a flood of imports from autos to cellphones

Oil is hurting America's economy and fuelling an unexpected boom in Europe
Some of Europe is now seeing a solid recovery, while parts are still struggling to get into gear.
Carolinas regulators clear first permits for offshore oil surveys
State regulators in the Carolinas have, with conditions, signed off on initial federal permits allowing companies to conduct seismic testing for oil off the Atlantic coast.

White House Gives Conditional Approval for Shell to Drill in Arctic
The move is a major victory for Shell, but environmentalists say a possible accident there could have far-reaching consequences.
Hawaii Passes Legislation to Go 100% Renewable: Greentech Media
In the last few weeks, state-level stakeholders around the country have been busy reforming renewable portfolio standards, proposing changes to net metering policies, and studying the potential effects of the EPA’s Clean Power Plan. Also, in an...

Volvo Car to Build First U.S. Car Plant in South Carolina
South Carolina landed its second car factory this year, luring Volvo Car Corp. with a financing package that offers about 25 cents in incentives for every dollar the Chinese-owned auto maker spends. Volvo later this year will break ground on a.
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