IK4-TEKNIKER organises Lubmat 2014 conference in Manchester on industrial lubrication

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

The growing importance that large firms give to industrial lubrication is the focus of the Lubmat 2014 Conference, organized by IK4-Tekniker in Manchester together with the Jost Institute of the United Kingdom.

The event proved useful for researchers and companies in the more research intensive industrial sectors to share knowledge on the latest market trends and opportunities.

The fourth edition of the conference was devoted to Energy Systems, so all the latest tribological trends applied to cases like offshore wind farms or next generation nuclear plants occupied a foremost position.

Lubrication is a key factor for efficient, long-lasting operation of all types of machinery. For this reason, the LUBMAT conference has gradually become a key event for industry in this sector to share the latest advances in products and services.

The conference, which is held biennially, presented a full programme of papers covering topics such as Lubrication Management, Tribology, Lubricants and Additives and Special Fluids, among others.

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