IK4-IKERLAN seeks energy consumption efficiency through interconnected devices

Monday, November 3rd, 2014

Basque technology centre IK4-IKERLAN is working on a European project based on the Internet of Things, i.e. the interconnection of objects in daily use over the internet, so that both companies and consumers make use of energy in the best way possible.

The Arrowhead initiative intends to develop a technological framework that allows the integration of devices in power management networks so that they can understand each other and share their respective information, when connected through the internet, enabling them to make the best decisions.

The technology framework this project is creating will form the basis for launching different applications. For instance, it would allow the house meter to be connected to its power supply company so that, when consumption data is known, the supply company can offer the best tariff for this case and propose, in accordance with its tariff, the ideal time to switch on the washing machine.

Sharing data from devices opens up the possibility of offering many new services. For example, a smart controller for air conditioning could be developed that would handle its operation autonomously by taking into account data from other devices connected to the network to seek optimal performance and consumption.

77 companies, universities and technology centres from 15 European countries, including several Basque organizations, are involved in this initiative along with IK4 companies IKERLAN and TEKNIKER. This huge project, due to finish in 2017, has a budget of 67 million euros and is financed by the European Union (through the 7th Framework Programme) and by the Ministry for Industry.

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