ICTWays organises a workshop in Zamudio to include Arduino and robotics in the classroom

Friday, November 21st, 2014

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The ICTWays project, promoted by Tecnalia together with 9 European partners, will hold a workshop on 18 November to show the potential of Arduino and robotics in science subjects. The course is free and is intended for teachers and future teachers, with or without previous knowledge.

Robotics as an educational tool is very useful to arouse the creativity and interest of pupils in science and technology classes, and introduces further knowledge of programming, logic and project work that is essential for the future of boys and girls. With the aim of bringing this potential closer to teachers and people interested in education, ICTWays is organising a workshop focusing on Arduino and its alternatives in robotics.

The event will be held on 18 November next on Tecnalia premises at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park. Throughout the workshop, which requires no prior knowledge, the Arduino application will be used in the field of biology and photography through two activities. Two inspiring educational projects based on these technologies, Hirikilabs and Hirukide Eskolapioak, will also be displayed. The former, Hirikilabs, is the citizen laboratory (Citilab) promoted by Tabakalera and DSS2016, focusing on social and collaborative technologies. This year they started collaborating with E&P Sarea, a robotics kit sharing project among schools in Gipuzkoa. Hirukide Eskolapioak is a secondary school in Tolosa that has had Arduino based initiatives running in its Technology Department for 4 years. Projects created include a stratospheric probe and an incubator based on open technologies.

The workshop will be taught by Tecnalia researcher and Artificial Intelligence and Arduino expert Ibai Laña, high school teacher Mertxe J. Badiola, promoter of the E&P Sarea project, and Hirukide Eskolapiak Technology teacher Jabier Luengo. Registration is free and can be carried out via the following email: lucia.polo@tecnalia.com.

ICTWays is a European project, in which Tecnalia is taking part together with 9 other partners, whose aim is to create a Community of Practice to find best practices of ICT use in science classrooms. These workshops are part of the activities of the Community.

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