IK4-IDEKO presents developments in the European POPJIM machine tool project

Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

IK4-IDEKO Technology Centre has presented the developments undertaken in the European POPJIM project, which have resulted in advances in machine tool applications: a milling machine, a lathe and a chuck.

Led by the prestigious Swedish KTH centre of Stockholm, the POPJIM project has created a self configuring and optimising mechatronic module called Joint Interface Module (JIM) to connect components in machine tools or a damping Added Interface Module (AIM) for coupling to machine structures.

These elements can be adapted to the conditions of each machining process and eliminate self-excited vibrations, thereby giving rise to important increases in cutting capacity.

 Machining instability is traditionally solved by varying cutting parameters in order to adjust them to the requisites established by the dynamic features of the machine which, in many cases, causes a drop in production.

With the prototypes developed in this project, however, the dynamic features of the machine are adjusted depending on the machining to be performed.

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