Graphenea colaborates with IK4-Tekniker to automate graphene production

Tuesday, November 25th, 2014

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IK4-Tekniker research centre is working with Graphenea to jointly design a more automated and reliable graphene production process. Graphene is perhaps the material in which international industry has placed the greatest hopes, given its enormous range of application possibilities and its numerous physical properties: it is flexible, 200 times stronger than steel and 5 times lighter.

However, the production of graphene sheets presents certain difficulties due to the nanometric features of the material. This is why Graphenea, a company located at CIC nanoGUNE and one of the few firms in the world that manufactures this material, turned to IK4-Tekniker to work on the design of a more automated, standardisable, scalable and reliable production process.

One of the problems the company found was that the production processes were very labour intensive. Together with the company, the research centre is designing a process to enable more automated and reliable graphene production.

In order to overcome these difficulties, both entities have designed a system to transfer the graphene from a thin sheet of copper to a thin sheet of silicon, a key material in the electronics industry, by means of various chemical baths that dissolve the copper and enable the product to be deposited on the silicon.

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