Basque vocational training creates 450 companies in 10 years

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

imagen spri tecnología

Basque vocational training has become an important incubator for business ideas. As demonstrated by the results of the Urratsbat programme, promoted by the Vice-Ministry for Vocational Training of the Basque Government Department for Education, Language Policy and Culture, the vocational training schools have contributed towards the creation of 450 new companies in the last 10 years, projects launched by young people, recently graduated in technical studies, with the support of schools and teachers.

In addition, however, these business ideas, far from being fleeting, mostly become consolidated in the market, because, as the Deputy Minister for Vocational Training, Jorge Arévalo, recently stated, 80% of these companies manage to move forward despite the difficulties encountered at the current time by start-ups.

The Urratsbat programme, coordinated by TKNIKA, has contributed in this respect to the creation of companies in sectors such as electrical, electronic and gas installations, information technology, automotive, audiovisual, catering, etc.

Urratsbat tries to convert vocational training centres into business nurseries and incubators. The centres provide a service of the Office for Entrepreneurial People, an office which is properly equipped and freely available for young entrepreneurs. They can use the facilities at the centres to make product prototypes during the study phase.

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