Tecnalia develops more resistant metal coatings using a new process called sol-gel

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

Tecnalia Technology Corporation is developing metallic coatings that provide more wear-resistance and corrosion protection thanks to a new production system called sol-gel, as part of the AVCOP project, in which it is collaborating with seven SMEs.

The Tecnalia project is applying technology that was previously considered not viable, combining nano-structured sol-gel coatings with ionic liquids to seal and protect anodised aluminium, hot-dip-galvanised steel and electroplated zinc.

These new processes will enable traditional manufacturers to face the threat from cheaper, low-quality and low-cost imports from lower cost economies.

The consortium of companies taking part in the project consists of companies from EU member states with different degrees of development. All these companies have had to face competition from inferior quality imports and have decided to respond.

This joint project has brought together several leading research institutions in the field of sol-gel chemistry for corrosion and wear protection and the emerging chemistry of ionic liquids.

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