A robot will act as guide and host on the IK4-TEKNIKER stand at the Machine Tool Biennial

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

A robot guide developed by IK4-TEKNIKER will be the host for the technology centre at the Machine Tool Biennial, to be held from 2 to 7 June at the BEC in Barakaldo.

The robot, which will guide visitors around the IK4-TEKNIKER stand, is an ideal demonstrator of the centre´s expertise in several robotic technologies.

Autonomous navigation gives this robot guide the capability to move around complex environments, occupied by people, without requiring external guidance.

It is capable of navigating in environments that are not specially adapted to its features, are unknown in advance, are continually changing and have a considerable human presence. It is designed to interact with humans by merging various sources of sensorial information.

Safety is a critical factor in service robotics, because robots have to move around environments where there are people and interact with them safely.

The robot guide is equipped with safety mechanisms on various levels. In addition to the emergency stop system, it has a system of contact sensors that are activated if the robot should make contact with an object or a person. The system stops the robot, which is activated again when the contact is no longer felt.

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