Irizar reached its all-time record turnover with sales amounting to 556 million euros

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014


The Irizar Group closed 2013 with an all-time record turnover, which reached 556 million euros, of which 88% were achieved from exports. Last year the company achieved total production of 5,368 coaches at its plants in Ormaiztegi and five other countries in the world.

The company attributed this success to the strength of the brand, which enables it to remain one of the leading references in the world in the manufacture of high-end motor coaches. Irizar employs a total of 3,500 people.

Of the 556 million euros invoiced last year, 53 more than the previous year, 34% corresponds to the Ormaiztegi factory, where 1,061 coaches were assembled, an average of five units each day, 0.5% more than a year before.

Another 46% of sales corresponded to the plants located in Mexico, Brazil, Morocco and India, while the remaining 20% of turnover was achieved thanks to the contribution of other companies in the group, such as Hispacold, Masats, Jema, Datik and Alconza.

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