Ingeteam reaches 46% market share for PV inverters in Mexico

Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

46% of the solar power installed in Mexico is fitted with Ingeteam photovoltaic (PV) inverters, a market share the Basque company has achieved thanks to its early installation in the country of the Aztecs, in 1998, according to Estrategia Empresarial.

Mexico currently has about 100 MW of installed PV power, of which 46 MW correspond to material produced by Ingeteam. Over the last 5 years, Ingeteam has become the leading company in Mexico in the provision of renewable energy operation and maintenance services, whilst it is also among the leaders in Latin America as a whole.

As its principal benchmark in Mexico, the largest solar power plant in the country is fitted with Ingeteam PV inverters. These units convert the D.C. current generated by the solar panels into A.C. current, which is then injected into the public grid.

Worldwide, Ingeteam has supplied 3.5 GW of the power supplied in the photovoltaic solar market. In terms of solar energy operation and maintenance, Ingeteam is also among the leading providers of such services in Latin America.

Ingeteam employs more than 100 people in Mexico and has offices in Oaxaca and Baja California del Sur, engaged in the provision of operation and maintenance services to wind and PV farms, and another office in Monterrey.

At present, 15% of the wind power in Mexico uses Ingeteam technology in evacuation substations.

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