IK4-CIDETEC opens its new polymer synthesis facilities

Wednesday, May 14th, 2014

IK4-CIDETEC has taken a new step in its positioning as a benchmark centre in Advanced Materials with the recent opening of its new facilities for polymer synthesis and processing of polymer composites.

The new facilities are intended to generate new solutions in the field of composite polymer materials. They will enable research and development into new generations of composites and nanocomposites, providing improvements in aspects such as processing times, recyclability or reprocessability.

The competitive advantage sought by the technology centre is to cover the whole value chain for the product, beginning with polymer synthesis and moving through to manufacture and characterisation of the final component. This will help to consolidate the presence of IK4-CIDETEC in highly demanding sectors such as transport (automotive, aerospace and rail), wind energy and construction.

The new facilities contain all the necessary equipment to synthesize polymers and manufacture samples and prototypes of composite materials using industrial processes at pilot plant scale.

In the ​​polymer synthesis field, the acquisition of a high-capacity and maximum flexibility reactor to control the different reaction parameters should be highlighted, as it will enable the synthesis and functionalisation of a wide variety of polymers to be performed.

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