Gaiker IK-4 organises an R&D&I day aimed at the inclusion of people with disabilities

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

In collaboration with Fundación Adecco, Gaiker IK-4 is organising the “Without R&D&I Barriers: An Opportunity for the Responsible Enterprise” event, to be held on 15 May next. The event will focus on sharing innovative solutions to promote the inclusion of all people in business environments.

Combining the experience of Gaiker IK-4 in the sphere of technological innovation and the track record of Fundación Adecco in its work to support people with disabilities, both entities have organised, for 15 May, Without R&D&I Barriers: An Opportunity for the Responsible Enterprise. The day is aimed at sharing innovative experiences with a view to promoting the inclusion of people with disabilities in companies, by removing both architectural and social barriers.

The talks are addressed to companies interested in new integrating solutions, as well as to organisations working in the field of technological and social innovation, with the aim of creating a space for reflection on the need to move towards a fully inclusive society for all persons, sharing R&D&I experiences that progress along these lines in the business environment.

The programme includes topics such as the daily life of people with functional diversity and disabling environments, human-scale architecture and the design of interior spaces adapted to all persons, with the participation of Fekoor, Aroa and Job Accomodation. Gaiker IK-4 will present opportunities for innovation in plastics to remove barriers, while Fundación Adecco will give a talk on cooperation to move towards more inclusive models of society.

Registration for the talks is free of charge, and the event will be held on the premises of Gaiker IK-4 at the Bizkaia Science and Technology Park.

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