Fuchosa gains international recognition for the quality of its automotive components

Tuesday, March 4th, 2014

The Basque company Fuchosa has been recognised internationally for the quality of its components for the automotive industry. It received the Best Supplier 2013 award from Chassis Brakes International (CBI) – formerly the brakes division of Bosch Group – during the CBI Global Supplier Day event, organised at the new group plant located in the Chinese city of Wuhan.


Fuchosa was awarded the “Special European Award 2013” for its “Extraordinary results in principal Quality indicators”, among which CBI mentioned the radical improvement in its quality performance by focused process improvement activities and permanent implication towards quality, as well as its active participation with CBI’s Purchase-Quality initiatives such as visual inspection project, casting improvement project and FRF deployment. Among the reasons for awarding the prize to the Basque company, CBI expressly mentions the strong support provided to the organisation through its fast and effective response, allowing the impact inherent in the production of iron parts to be reduced.


New investments

Fuchosa is to continue modernising its facilities, to increase its production of castings, in order to attract new customers and business. If the initial phase involved setting up the line header, with the moulding equipment and cooling line, a second phase will be implemented in August of this year at the tail of the installation, with the current cooling drum being replaced by a bigger one and connection with a second shotblasting unit.

The final aim is to achieve major production capacity increases due to the completion of this second line. The company will use this August shutdown to modify the plant layout and optimise technical aspects in order to maintain its competitiveness and strength in the sector and improve its advantage over other competitors.

Fuchosa has a pan-European market share of 45% in brake fork production for all kinds of automotive platforms. “So to speak”, explains José Manuel González, Director Manager of Fuchosa “almost half of the vehicles we see on the streets and roads have disk forks made in Atxondo”. The company is now holding talks to secure new parts that will be on vehicles that come out in two or three years’ time.


Source: Euskadi+innova

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