Four Basque researchers receive awards from The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining in the UK

Tuesday, May 6th, 2014

The Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3), a major UK engineering institution, has given the Charles Hatchett Award 2014 to Basque researchers Amaia Iza-Mendia, Isabel Gutiérrez and Beatriz Pereda of the CEIT-IK4 technology centre, together with Alazne Altuna, of Fundiciones WEC.

The award, which rewards improvements in steel as a 21st century technological material, has highlighted the progress made by these scientists in this field as “the most complete and innovative scientific-technological work relating to niobium and its alloys”.

The prize-winning study is part of extensive research to achieve more competitive metals, providing new standards for steels and enhancing their properties to compete with the alternatives available today.

The researchers claim that the progressive increase in safety standards, restrictions on CO2 emissions and the drive to build ever higher, bigger or more slender are factors with increasingly more weight in many economic sectors.

Consequently, these challenges end up being transferred to the world of materials research, which develops solutions capable of responding to the challenges raised. The four prize-winning researchers will receive the accredited award at a ceremony that will be held on 15 July at the headquarters of the Institute in London.

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