BioDonostia researchers receive an award for a book about food for MS sufferers

Tuesday, June 24th, 2014

The Book “Healthy Eating for Multiple Sclerosis” (Alimentación sana para la Esclerosis Múltiple), written by doctors Javier Olascoaga and Tamara Castillo of the Multiple Sclerosis Unit at the BioDonostia Health Research Institute, has won third prize in the category of solidarity gastronomic books in Europe at the “Gourmand World Cookbook Awards”, the most important international exhibition in the world dedicated to books published about gastronomy.

The book, to which the journalist Manolo González and the food critic Mikel Corcuera have contributed, will be sold to Multiple Sclerosis sufferers associations, represented by Multiple Sclerosis Spain.

The publishing company Algusto Ediciones pointed out that the book has been useful in drawing further attention to a disease with a strong impact on the population, emphasizing one of the environmental factors that might contribute, in some way, in the origin and progress of the disease.

The book will be used to raise funds to help associations working in the fight against this disease, as well as those affected and their families.

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