Almost half of Basque Culinary Center students opt to set up their own business on finishing their studies

Tuesday, February 25th, 2014

The first class of university graduates in the State in Gastronomy and culinary arts, who are studying their third course at the Basque Culinary Center-Gastronomic Sciences Faculty of Mondragon University, prefer to set up their own businesses rather than take other employment possibilities

 Almost half of the students at the Basque Culinary Center – some 44% – want to carve out their own future by setting up their own business. In short, to be entrepreneurs. A figure which contrasts with the low entrepreneurial activity aspirations among Spanish university students, which barely reach 5%.


So far, students at the first Gastronomic Sciences Faculty in the State have received sound theoretical and practical training in subjects such as cuisine and service, management, science and innovation, and culture and art. And in this second semester the third grade students choose the path of specialisation until they conclude their studies. This specialisation is not directed towards knowledge areas as such, but rather oriented towards the professional opportunities they want to pursue after graduating.

Of the 70 third-year students, 44% chose the route of Innovation, Business and Entrepreneurship, which is oriented to all students who want to direct their career future to the field of generating innovation in the gastronomic sector, the promotion of new business activities, etc.

Moreover, 40% of the students opted for the Culinary Vanguard, which is aimed at those who want to direct their professional future to the restaurant sector.

And thirdly, 16% chose the Food Industry route, aimed at all students who want to direct their professional future to the food industries sector, in issues of culinary preparation for large communities and conservation, etc.


Source: Euskadi+innova

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