The Alhymotion hydrogen generation system reaches the Japanese market

Saturday, February 1st, 2014

A major Japanese group has become interested in new technology developed in the Basque Country: A hydrogen generation System that uses the characteristics of aluminium to turn water into hydrogen. Katsusuke Watanuki, CEO of Tonami CO, has signed an agreement with Reflectia to incorporate Alhymotion technology into an application that ensures power supply in the event of disasters, as a “back-up” system in case of possible failures in the traditional power grid.


Alhymotion technology is patented by Reflectia and responds to its pursuit of strategic interests in new markets. In this case, the huge barrier for distribution logistics of the gas was identified, not only for the new “hydrogen economy” in cars, buses, etc., and also for those uses that are made in industry, metal treatments and food applications. The response is a new concept of distributed generation for hydrogen, to be produced on demand from water, without needing to consume electricity or gas.

With this technology, Reflectia has promoted the Alhymotion Technologies spin-off, which is launching two industrial applications: an on-site and on-demand hydrogen generator, as an alternative to high pressure gas transport and storage in industrial processes (sintering, steel annealing, fat hydrogenation…); and an energy recovery unit fueled by aluminium scrap and/or waste produced by users at their facilities and aimed at improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. This development involved the companies Bostlan and Ingeinnova, as well as the Basque Foundry Association (FEAF) and Machine-Tool Manufacturers Association (AFM), through a consortium created in March 2013.

Source: Euskadi+innova

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