Eibar, European public energy management testing laboratory

Monday, October 13th, 2014

Eibar is set to become one of three localities chosen to test a European project that will set up a platform enabling municipalities to more efficiently measure and manage energy consumption in the future.

The URB-GRADE project, in which Eibar-based R&D centre IK4-TEKNIKER and Eibar Town Council are taking part, together with another seven companies, local organisations and technology centres in Spain, Denmark and Finland, seeks to explore the potential of the DaaS (District as a service) concept for energy management in European towns and cities.

The aim is to improve local authority awareness of energy consumption in their municipalities by means of sensors and other technologies, by providing data in real time.

Once organised into a digital platform, these data will allow management to be carried out more efficiently, for example, of street lighting consumption in Eibar, of consumption by local businesses in Barcelona or of homes in Kalundborg (Denmark), the three pilot projects in the scheme.

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